After returning from the Valentine’s Day holiday we are proud to interview a very close friend to us, and we appreciate so much. We feel so special that she chose us to introduce her new photoshoot with the well known photographer Fadil Berisha.

She is Katica Rakuljic, a Croatian fashion model and beauty pageant queen, Top Model of the World Croatia 2006, as well as she represented Sweden at the Supermodel of the world 2009 finals (China), and ended up as 1 runner up among 52 countries and nations. She also took part in Miss Universe Croatia 2011 and was crowned 1st runner up.

  • We feel very glad to see you in New York and with Fadil Berisha.. Could you remind our audience how and when was the first time you met him?

Thank You very Much. I first met Fadil When we were shooting in My birth place Split Croatia in One of My favourite places in the world At Le Meridien Lav hotel . The shoot was for Miss universe Croatia and Fadil was the photagraoher along with celeberty make up Artist Isabel Perez. At that time l had no Idea that Fadil was such a big name in the industry and How talanted he was. His work is breath taking and he truly is one of a kind.

  • How was your first impression of him while being in Croatia?

l didnt know much , in fact didnt know about Fadil at all When we first met. My impressions were great though since both him and Isabel were very professional and gave me many compliments. They expecially loved My eyes and Fadil gave me the nick name green eyes. Fadil exceeded My expectations. I can personally say that in My opinion his Work is the best in My model book up until this day. He really knows How to bring out your superego and the best in You as l always say When describing his work. He has a vision and style that truly is one of a kind. That goes for Isabel Perez as well being the most talanted make up artist l worked with so far Its No wounder for me that she stands behind the beauty of stars like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. Isabel showed me her work during our time together and l was impressed not only by all the beauty of celeberty faces that she is responsiable for But for the fact that she told me that she was completely self taught. I like people with that kind of drive and ambition and l appriciated that.



  • A few years already passed, why a photoshoot with him again?

Fadil let me know that If l was ever in New York he would Love to work with me again. So It came to be that he invited me to shoot in his New york studio and offered me work together again after so many years. To get to work with Fadil again is a true honor and dream come true. You just dont say No to such an offer.


  • What differences did you feel about shooting in Croatia with him and now in his homecity New York?

The diffrence was of course that in Croatia lt was a totally diffrent setting then New york this time around. In Croatia we did a sensual and powerful bikini shooting in a Beautiful location , with a diffrent mood where l was all tanned by the way ūüôā . And for Miss Universe. I didnt know Fadil very Well But as always It was very Easy to work with him then and now. In new york we worked in his new york studio where l got to see him in his home enviroment. All his Beautiful work on the walls was the first thing l noticed and a big photagraphy of Tyra Banks was the first think l saw and remembered When he showed me that in Croatia. There was a lot of people all in action in the studio , to make his magical work happen. I liked to see that and to be behind the scenes and see his work come to life. It was a great feeling to know l was shooting in his studio where many big celebrities shoot before me. A favourite part was Ofcourse that l got to work with Isabel again and had a good time showing her pic of me and her in Croatia. She is a Very funny person and We had a lot of fun that day! Ofcourse l Also picked up some beauty tips from her . Fadil recignized me at once and said , ¬†Ohh Miss Croatia Miss green eyed beauty ! ¬†I thought that was kind of fun How he remembered me. Him and Isabel gave me so Much praise and l really appriciate their compliments and kind words snd take It to heart. The promise we did was that we would not let so much time pass again.


  • Before and after the photoshoot did you have time to talk? What about?

Oh we talked all the time during the photo shoot or rather in Izabel’s case danced while doing my make up ! Haha Izabel and me were having LOTs of fun while doing My make up and hair. We talked about Croatia and l showed her pic as said from our last meeting there. We also spoke of family and life in new york. There were some other clients in the studio and Fadil had a conversation with us about My shooting with him in Croatia and shared some pitcures from that shoot. He said some really nice things about me which l appriciate and take to heart. Fadil remembered me because l had the most gorgeous eyes he had ever shot as he Said and he recalled our shooting in Split Croatia. He Also kept complimenting me by saying l was a gorgeous women and l always appriciate his and Izabel’s kind words. They are gorgoueous themselfs and very admiriable people.



  • Tell us about the staff that works now with him? who are they? and how was the interaction with them?

The interaction with the staff was very easy and fun. It kind of all flew in a nice way and everyone knew Exactly what to do and when to do it to make it all come together.


  • What are the challenges that the models in New York should face nowadays?

The challanges as in any market is of course beside competition in the industry. And nedless to say that goes for New york aswell. Agencies will always have requirements on you and so will the industry, often times unrealistic ones as well. So its always of significant importance that You stay true to yourself and to what You belive in,and Ofcourse stay confident and know that You are the best out there. Because If You doubt yourself so Will the world. The most importaint thing is therefore to belive in yourself No matter what anyone thinks Or what opinion They have , because in the end Its just a opinion. There are Also bad parts in modeling that natuarally goes with It unfortunately. That is Easy access to drugs , alcohol and pretty much anything you wish for. Again in these situations you need to be true to yourself and stay true and very confident to who You are and what You belive in. I belive l am a person of strong caracter because of the way l was raised and because l have a strong belive system in certain things and therefore a hard time falling for group preassure. These things are just stupid to fall for If l may express It in that way. Really all You need is confidence ,intelligence and a strong belif in yourself, and you will go far.

I also learned that in this industry If You are a beautiful model away from home people will try to use You in one way Or another. I understand that and Thats reality Unfortianetly for many models. But again if You know who You are and what You belive in , You can stay pretty and polite, but know how to nicely say NO.


  • Could you say something to your followers in The Perfect Miss and to those yourn girls that would like to follow your steps?

l want to tell all the fans and the readers of the perfect miss. Always always belive in yourself , No matter what anyone says because you are the greatest . Remember that in the end Its just another opinion from another person that dosent know more about you then you know about yourself. Only You know what You are capable of. Only You. And what You are capable of is limitless. Spread kindness wherewer You go and as l always say , If You see a person without a smile , give him yours ! I want to finish off by saying thank you for your commments and support , l take it heart and l appriciate It a lot.