We are honoured to interview to Miss Ukraine Universe 2016 Alena Spodynyuk, which represent her country in the 65h edition of the Miss Universe beauty pageant. She was an Olympic handball player. Now she is 19 year old, studies and Tourism and Hospitality at the  National University of Culture and Arts in Kiev.

Alena thanks for accpting our interview, and for letting our readers to know more about you, we would like to ask you the following questions.


  •  How to become a beauty Queen?

To be born a woman – it is the duty to be beautiful. Learn how to train your confidence, love , accept yourself and your body! And then the people surrounding you will notice your magnetism and beauty.


  • How important is for you the word “beauty”?

Beauty according to my understanding it is something pleasant and good, something that you can watch for hours and admire it. It can be a beautiful girl or painting, the landscapes, the sunset reflected in the sea.. or a kind act of the person.


  •  Tell me about your traditional gift, Why did you choose it?

My Ukrainian national gift consist on handmade beads joined together by old technology in several rows. The authors are the design studio SVITLO, which creates exlusive things in ethnic style.
The Beads are created from naturnal materials: aquamarine stone, hyaline quartz and nacre.

This kind of necklace was worn by women in Ukraine in the early 20th century and they were not only an exquisite decoration but also a protection from evil forces.

I chose these beads because I wanted it to be something beautiful, some piece of jewelry with ethnic roots. I saw these beads on the First Lady of Ukraine Marina Poroshenko and I really liked them. We thought it would be interesting to do the same for a charity auction of gifts at the Miss Universe.



  • What are your Hobbies?

I have two large dogs (Dalmatian and Doberman). In my spare time I play with them, walk, train them myself. I love to draw, go to the gym. I study English and French, I try to improve them.



  • What is your motto in life?

” Do you want to change the world, start with yourself ”



  • What was the happiest moment in life?

Of course, the first thing I remember talking about the happiest moment of my life is the title of “Miss Ukraine Universe 2016”, I always wanted to go to the “Miss Universe” beauty contest.



  • What was your earliest childhood memory?

In my first childhood memory I’m not alone, next to me is my mother. We go together to the school year opening ceremony, in this day I became a schoolgirl. I had such a long big bouquet that I still remember how my hands were tired to carry it (Alena laughed) ..

  • If you had the opportunity to make a film, what would it be?

If I had that chance, my film would be about the diaries of a cat or philosopher dog (Alena laughs). He would be the only one has the opportunity to observe all members of the family, whenever he wants. He would be psychologist of the views, thoughts on life in the owner’s family circle. I think he would have an opinion about every member of the family and any event. With a big interest I would listen to his thoughts.


  • What are the benefits to be famous?

A lot of them.. I must admit, it feels good to be the covers of magazines, in newspapers, on television. Most importantly, to be able to your. properly dispose of , not just to sit at home. Having popularity, it is easy to engage in charity and social projects. to realize itself in different spheres, and even to be the role models, and to advertise different brands.



  • What are you allergic to ?

I have no allergies, can’t stand tobacco smoke.


  • What do you like to spend money?

I think it would be not very honest, if don’t answer to myself that every girls loves this. Even spending is part of my hobbies too.

For a long time I have ollected antique coins and beads from Crimea, in my collection there were a lot of rare and unusual exhibits.

Also I love to give gifts to their friends and parents.


  • Favorite place on the planet?

There are on our planet a lot of beautiful places, I love sea, so sitting somewhere on white sands and clear blue water would be very great.


  • Who do you trust the most?

Rather to what, I think I have a very well developed sense of intuition. Very often I rely on this inner feeling, if I feel that it is not necessary something to do, then I won’t do it.


  • Who is your hero?

For me, ordinary women are heroes. For centuries they have children, they do household chores, take care of their husbands, at the same time they have time to be beautiful and fill the world with Love!


  • Your favorite Miss Universe?

All Miss are special and worthy of this high title. I like Pia a lot, because she is cheerful and very popular. I always dreamed to meet her.  And I like Olivia Culpo and Gabriela Isler.


Thank you very much to Alena Spodynyuk Miss Ukraine Universe 2016 for giving us this exclusive interview, and to her national director Anna Filimonova for making this possible.



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