Jihan Dimack will represent Tanzania at the the 65th Miss Universe pageant that will be held on 30 January 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines.

We are glad and proud to introduce you a favorite contestant to get Miss Universe crown later this month, she is a girl that is down-to-earth, smart, intelligent, we could fill a book with positive adjectives about her, so is better for you to know her more, and The Perfect Miss interviewed her for you…..


  • Your name is Jihan,  what does it mean and how does it describe you?

Jihan, well actually my mum named after a very famous Egyptian singer whom she admired very much! ‘Jihan’ means the universe, the world. It definitely best describes my personality as I give my all, my everything in each and every step I decide to take in life.


  • What’s your birth city?  And what’s the place that any tourist should visit there?

I was born in the heart of the Lake Region in Tanzania, known as Mwanza.
I would recommend every tourist to see the Largest Lake in Africa, Lake Victoria and witness the most beautiful massive outcrop of the granite rock known as the Bismarck Rock. The rock was named after a very famous German Chancellor in the days prior to the world war and it also has a long history from African tribes who where living there in the old time which I think would very interesting for any tourist to learn more about.


  • What motivated you to participate in beauty pageants? 

It has been a passion of mine since a child. My motivation was to make my dream a reality and to use this opportunity to stand up for what I believe in.


  • What are the obstacles that a woman faces in order to participate in beauty contests? 

Well, speaking from my point of view, the obstacle I faced before joining the pageant was mostly the ‘decision making’ part. Was I willing to risk everything and give this my best, leave my work place to others maybe studies, less time with my family , I had to reassure myself to give it my best and regardless if I win or loose I had to mentally prepare myself to accept either one of them.



  •  And what do you love about pageants? 

The experience, the risk, the challenges and the long bumpy road that always leads you to your destiny whether you win the crown or not. You learn a lot about life in general and it helps build a woman’s confidence to what true beauty really means which is YOUR HEART FROM WITH IN.


  • How do they empower women? 

YES! Pageants help empower women. The many tasks and challenges the contestants face from the beginning till the very end helps us to step out from our comfort zone which slowly builds our confidence as a person. It is also a platform for networking and getting the opportunity to meet with very inspiring legends which we look up too and could really learn from.


  • What does the Miss Universe Tanzania crown mean for you?

It meant and still means the world to me. It is that special key I have longed for so long to finally let all that I have ever wanted to do a woman in this world and leave that legacy behind as an aspiration to the world through this platform.



  • After Steve Harvey’s incident in past Miss Universe’s edition you posted in instagram this “Guess all happens for a reason”… so what would be the reason behind your victory? A reason linked to destiny?  luck?  preparation?  beauty?  or any other else? And why?

I would say ‘The Grace and Strength of God and prayers’ maybe you could say destiny. I had previously competed for another pageant in 2014 which I learned a lot from being down to raising myself back up. I did put in all I have and regardless of the many negativity that run through my mind before deciding to compete again for another pageant like Miss Universe, I said to myself ‘ risk it all, keep working hard, give it your all over again and PRAY’ that’s all I did! I am more grateful for this opportunity.


  • What would you have done if you were Miss Colombia and not Miss Philippines after Harvey’s mistake?

Well honestly speaking I would have been in shock and very hurt at that moment  but regardless as I said earlier, everything happens for a better reason it might not make sense now but it eventually will so I will hold it in smile and congratulate the winner and wish her the best!


  • If you win Miss Universe who will be the first you would call by phone and tell about your victory? 

My mother!!



  •  Your favorite Miss Universe?  and why?

The current, Miss Pia Wurtzbach. Why, it’s simple I truly admire her CONFIDENCE as a woman, determination and what matters the most is having a beautiful heart from the inside and what better way to show it to the Universe!


  • Which message would you give to those young girls that would like to follow your steps?

To the many young girls out there, I would like to advice them to firstly find the deepest reason for wanting to compete for pageant and use that very same drive until the end. You have to be sure of your decision, be truly honest with yourself! You will have so many ups and downs but keep pushing because if you just put in that little effort the results will be beyond your expectation and always remember to place GOD first in every step.



We would like to thank Maria Sarungi Tsehai the director of Miss Universe Tanzania for letting us interview Jihan, and for being such an inspiration to all of us.  Follow her in twitter, strongly recommended. https://twitter.com/MariaSTsehai