Berenice Quezada – Miss Nicaragua 2017

Este 25 de marzo en el Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario, Berenice Quezada es coronada como Miss Nicaragua 2017 y representará a este gran país centroamericano en la siguiente edición del certamen Miss Universo.







Katica Rakuljic meets Fadil Berisha again

After returning from the Valentine’s Day holiday we are proud to interview a very close friend to us, and we appreciate so much. We feel so special that she chose us to introduce her new photoshoot with the well known photographer Fadil Berisha.

She is Katica Rakuljic, a Croatian fashion model and beauty pageant queen, Top Model of the World Croatia 2006, as well as she represented Sweden at the Supermodel of the world 2009 finals (China), and ended up as 1 runner up among 52 countries and nations. She also took part in Miss Universe Croatia 2011 and was crowned 1st runner up.

  • We feel very glad to see you in New York and with Fadil Berisha.. Could you remind our audience how and when was the first time you met him?

Thank You very Much. I first met Fadil When we were shooting in My birth place Split Croatia in One of My favourite places in the world At Le Meridien Lav hotel . The shoot was for Miss universe Croatia and Fadil was the photagraoher along with celeberty make up Artist Isabel Perez. At that time l had no Idea that Fadil was such a big name in the industry and How talanted he was. His work is breath taking and he truly is one of a kind.

  • How was your first impression of him while being in Croatia?

l didnt know much , in fact didnt know about Fadil at all When we first met. My impressions were great though since both him and Isabel were very professional and gave me many compliments. They expecially loved My eyes and Fadil gave me the nick name green eyes. Fadil exceeded My expectations. I can personally say that in My opinion his Work is the best in My model book up until this day. He really knows How to bring out your superego and the best in You as l always say When describing his work. He has a vision and style that truly is one of a kind. That goes for Isabel Perez as well being the most talanted make up artist l worked with so far Its No wounder for me that she stands behind the beauty of stars like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. Isabel showed me her work during our time together and l was impressed not only by all the beauty of celeberty faces that she is responsiable for But for the fact that she told me that she was completely self taught. I like people with that kind of drive and ambition and l appriciated that.



  • A few years already passed, why a photoshoot with him again?

Fadil let me know that If l was ever in New York he would Love to work with me again. So It came to be that he invited me to shoot in his New york studio and offered me work together again after so many years. To get to work with Fadil again is a true honor and dream come true. You just dont say No to such an offer.


  • What differences did you feel about shooting in Croatia with him and now in his homecity New York?

The diffrence was of course that in Croatia lt was a totally diffrent setting then New york this time around. In Croatia we did a sensual and powerful bikini shooting in a Beautiful location , with a diffrent mood where l was all tanned by the way 🙂 . And for Miss Universe. I didnt know Fadil very Well But as always It was very Easy to work with him then and now. In new york we worked in his new york studio where l got to see him in his home enviroment. All his Beautiful work on the walls was the first thing l noticed and a big photagraphy of Tyra Banks was the first think l saw and remembered When he showed me that in Croatia. There was a lot of people all in action in the studio , to make his magical work happen. I liked to see that and to be behind the scenes and see his work come to life. It was a great feeling to know l was shooting in his studio where many big celebrities shoot before me. A favourite part was Ofcourse that l got to work with Isabel again and had a good time showing her pic of me and her in Croatia. She is a Very funny person and We had a lot of fun that day! Ofcourse l Also picked up some beauty tips from her . Fadil recignized me at once and said ,  Ohh Miss Croatia Miss green eyed beauty !  I thought that was kind of fun How he remembered me. Him and Isabel gave me so Much praise and l really appriciate their compliments and kind words snd take It to heart. The promise we did was that we would not let so much time pass again.


  • Before and after the photoshoot did you have time to talk? What about?

Oh we talked all the time during the photo shoot or rather in Izabel’s case danced while doing my make up ! Haha Izabel and me were having LOTs of fun while doing My make up and hair. We talked about Croatia and l showed her pic as said from our last meeting there. We also spoke of family and life in new york. There were some other clients in the studio and Fadil had a conversation with us about My shooting with him in Croatia and shared some pitcures from that shoot. He said some really nice things about me which l appriciate and take to heart. Fadil remembered me because l had the most gorgeous eyes he had ever shot as he Said and he recalled our shooting in Split Croatia. He Also kept complimenting me by saying l was a gorgeous women and l always appriciate his and Izabel’s kind words. They are gorgoueous themselfs and very admiriable people.



  • Tell us about the staff that works now with him? who are they? and how was the interaction with them?

The interaction with the staff was very easy and fun. It kind of all flew in a nice way and everyone knew Exactly what to do and when to do it to make it all come together.


  • What are the challenges that the models in New York should face nowadays?

The challanges as in any market is of course beside competition in the industry. And nedless to say that goes for New york aswell. Agencies will always have requirements on you and so will the industry, often times unrealistic ones as well. So its always of significant importance that You stay true to yourself and to what You belive in,and Ofcourse stay confident and know that You are the best out there. Because If You doubt yourself so Will the world. The most importaint thing is therefore to belive in yourself No matter what anyone thinks Or what opinion They have , because in the end Its just a opinion. There are Also bad parts in modeling that natuarally goes with It unfortunately. That is Easy access to drugs , alcohol and pretty much anything you wish for. Again in these situations you need to be true to yourself and stay true and very confident to who You are and what You belive in. I belive l am a person of strong caracter because of the way l was raised and because l have a strong belive system in certain things and therefore a hard time falling for group preassure. These things are just stupid to fall for If l may express It in that way. Really all You need is confidence ,intelligence and a strong belif in yourself, and you will go far.

I also learned that in this industry If You are a beautiful model away from home people will try to use You in one way Or another. I understand that and Thats reality Unfortianetly for many models. But again if You know who You are and what You belive in , You can stay pretty and polite, but know how to nicely say NO.


  • Could you say something to your followers in The Perfect Miss and to those yourn girls that would like to follow your steps?

l want to tell all the fans and the readers of the perfect miss. Always always belive in yourself , No matter what anyone says because you are the greatest . Remember that in the end Its just another opinion from another person that dosent know more about you then you know about yourself. Only You know what You are capable of. Only You. And what You are capable of is limitless. Spread kindness wherewer You go and as l always say , If You see a person without a smile , give him yours ! I want to finish off by saying thank you for your commments and support , l take it heart and l appriciate It a lot.


Iris Mittenaere “Miss France 2016” gana Miss Universo

Iris Mittenaere de Francia gana la 65.ª edición del certamen Miss Universo, que se llevó acabo en el Mall of Asia Arena de Manila, Filipinas, el 30 de enero de 2017. Raquel Pelissier de Haití se lleva el título de primera finalista y Andrea Tovar de Colombia, el de segunda finalista.

La noche final fue conducido, por segunda ocasión, por Steve Harvey y contará con los comentarios entretelones de la modelo Ashley Graham. El rapero estadounidense Flo Rida fue el encargado de amenizar la velada, así como también la agrupación Boyz II Men. Candidatas de 86 países y territorios autónomos compiten por el título. Al final del evento Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universo 2015, de Filipinas, coronó a su sucesora.

Debido a la diferencia de horario el certamen fue visto en el hemisferio occidental la noche del 29 de enero, mientras que en las Filipinas fue a las 8 de la mañana hora local.

Es importante recalcar los siguientes detalles:

  • Mariam Habach de Venezuela quien ganó en eventos preliminares no clasificatorios, no llegó si quiera al top 13 del Miss Universo.

  • Es la segunda vez que Francia gana esta corona internacional, Christian Martell logró ser la reina universal en el año 1953. Recordemos que ella es ahora la esposa del ex presidente mexicano, Miguel Alemán.

  • Haití logra por segunda vez ser la primera finalista en este certamen, la primera vez que lo logró fue en 1975 cuando Gerthie David representó a este país.




Añoranzas en Miss Universo

Como bien sabemos, hace ya casi dos años que la Organización de Miss Universo cayó en nuevos propietarios, suponiendo un giro de 180° en la organización, y afectando así en muchos cambios visiblemente notables, esto hace que se echen de menos algunas series de cosas del viejo modelo de funcionamiento de la organización, y una de esas cosas son las fotos oficiales que año tras año todas las candidatas se realizaban nada mas llegar al venidero Miss Universo de cada año, foto en bikini, en traje de noche, de rostro, algunos años también en traje típico y ropa casual, y también la foto artística o de estudio, inspirado en un tema, se me viene a la mente 2011, inspiradas en el carnaval brasileño, 2013, inspiradas en el gélido frío ruso o 2015, donde se realizaron en los famosos casinos de Las Vegas, esas fotos eran de suma importancia, ya que eran la carta de presentación de las aproximadas 80 candidatas que durante un periodo de un mes iban a convivir juntas, haciendo que los ojos de millones de personas estuviesen pendientes de ella, esas fotos se publicaban en todos sitios, este año parece que la nueva organización ha optado por una nueva dinámica, seleccionar a un reducido grupo decandidatas escogidas en base a saber qué, y realizar diferentes tipos de sesiones de fotos pero solo y únicamente a las chicas elegidas, menos mal que al menos la foto de rostro la han mantenido, dándole un toque mas impactante, en fin, veremos a ver donde acaba esto.


Top 13: España, Nicaragua, Curacao, Argentina

Top 9: Colombia, Australia, Indonesia

Top 6: Venezuela, Brasil, México

2da finalista: Filipinas

1era finalista: Tailandia

Miss Universe 2016 – Francia



Interview to Barbara Filipovic “Miss Universe Croatia 2016”

Barbara Filipovic represents Croatia, a very famous country not only because of football, beaches and a rich culture, but it is well known too due to its charming women. Miss Universe Croatia 2016 defines herself as adventurous, positive and determined.


  • What and how is the city where you were born?  The city I was born in is Zagreb, capital of Croatia. It is a beautiful Middle-European city, not too big nor too small, with lovely people and food. This year again it was named the best Advent Destination, second year in a row, and that makes us all very proud as tourists visit Zagreb from all over the world in December, to celebrate the festivities leading up to Christmas and New Year.


  • Which part of your city would be the most attractive for tourists? Why?  The most attractive part of the city would be the center because of its architecture and positive vibe, where tourists mingle among the locals.


  • Have you lived there your whole life?  Yes, I was lucky enough to live in this beautiful city, except a few months last summer, when I’ve been working as a model in Milan, Italy.


  • What are your hobbies?  My hobbies are horseback riding, skiing, singing (in the shower, haha) and cooking.


  • How was your first experience in contests and what motivated you to participate?Competing at Miss Universe Croatia 2016 was my first beauty contest ever and I was lucky enough to win! I always wanted to represent my country and to be a part of Miss Universe, since I see it as an unforgettable experience.


  • What did you have to sacrifice to have an ideal figure?  I am one of the lucky ones with really good metabolism so I never really practiced any strict diets. I eat healthy and exercise, which I love, so I don’t really see it as a sacrifice


  • What do you usually eat at breakfast?My breakfast is either a peace of bread with honey or sometimes with ham, or cereal.


  • How to care for a cute figure in the simplest way?  Exercise and healthy eating is the key.


  • How have you prepared to represent Croatia in Miss Universe?  I think that the key is to be as natural as possible – to be your self. Therefore I have been doing what I do anyway: eat well and exercise. Of course I took some make-up classes, walking classes. I will try to present Croatian culture and our way of living to 90 other girls from all over the world. I want people to get to know Croatia and to see what a beautiful country it is.


  • What is the most difficult to be miss and model?     It is not hard to be both if you are determined and love what you do. For me it’s both a job and a joy, which means I am dedicated to it and trying to give my best and I love what I do.


  • What message would you give to young women who would like to follow your path and your followers in The Perfect Miss?    To all the young women I advise to be themselves and not to blindly follow all the trends that are served. The most important thing is to find out who they really are and what are their goals and aspirations in life. They need to follow their dreams in order to be happy.

Entrevista a Flavia Brito “Miss Universo Portugal 2016”

En este momento tenemos el orgullo de presentar a una miss que se define con estas 3 palabras: “Justa, Segura y Frontal”, ella es Flavia Brito, la flamanta representante de Portugal en la 65° edición del certamen internacional Miss Universo, a realizarse en Manila, Filipinas.


  • ¿Cual y cómo es la ciudad donde naciste?
    Nací en Funchal, Madeira, una ciudad maravillosa con buena comida, un pueblo unido y una naturaleza única


  • ¿Qué parte de tu ciudad sería la más atractiva para los turistas? ¿Por qué?
    Toda la ciudad es bella y atractiva para los turistas, ya que tiene mejores fuegos artificiales del mundo y está en la ruta de muchos cruceros


  • ¿Has vivido ahí toda tu vida?
    Viví hasta los 18 años después de mudarme a Algarve, que es también una región turística que tiene cada año una gran cantidad de afluencia.


  • ¿Cuáles son tus hobbies?
    Mis aficiones son viajar, ver películas / documentales, estar con la familia y amigos, hacer deporte.


  • ¿Qué has aprendido de la gente de tu ciudad que te ha servido en los certamenes?
    Aprendí algunos valores como el respeto a los demás, ser humilde y ser positivos.


  •  ¿Cómo fue tu primera experiencia en concursos y qué te motivo a participar?
    Mi primera experiencia fue con 14 años en el Miss Madeira 2008 y he ganado en mi categoría Miss Joven Madeira 2008. Lo que me motivó a participar en los concursos de Miss Universo que vi en la televisión desde la infancia.


  • ¿Qué has tenido que sacrificar para tener una figura ideal?
    Afortunadamente no he tenido ninguna necesidad de sacrificar algo para estar en forma.


  • ¿Qué sueles comer en el desayuno?
    Cereales integrales, fruta, zumo de naranja natural.


  • ¿Cómo cuidar una linda figura de la forma más simple?
    Tener una dieta saludable, comer en el momento adecuado y tener un plan de ejercicio físico moderado de hasta 30 minutos al día.


  • ¿Cómo te preparaste para representar a Portugal en Miss Universo?
    Mi preparación fue por cuenta de la Organización Miss Portuguesa, tuve una etapa intensiva con muchos talleres dirigidos a diferentes áreas importantes de Miss Universo.


  • ¿Qué es lo mas difícil de ser miss y modelo?
    Lo más dificil es estar siendo constantemente está evaluada.


  • ¿Qué mensaje das a las jovenes que quisieran seguir tu camino y a tus seguidores en The Perfect Miss?
    Nunca renunciar a los sueños / metas que tiene. Luchar por lo que creen y con vigor y confianza todo es posible.

Maria Victoria Diaz – 29° Reina de Reinas Nacionales

El día de hoy en Carlos Pellegrini, María Victoría Díaz, la 39° Reina Nacional de la Soja fue electa como la 29° Reina de Reinas Nacionales, a la cual a través de este conducto envíamos nuestras más sinceras felicitaciones, de igual forma a la Primera Virreina, Aixa Brero, la Reina Nacional de la Agricultura, y a la Segunda Virreina, Lara Garetto, Reina Nacional de la Cosechadora, respectivamente.

A continuación mostraremos una serie de fotografías de la actualmente electa, Reina de Reinas Nacionales.




Entrevista a Raquel Pelissier “Miss Universo Haiti 2016”

Raquel Pelissier, la actual Miss Universo Haití tiene 25 años, mide 181 cm. Es optometrista, se encuentra acabando su master de investigación clínica en optometría y visión en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


  • ¿Cómo se define Raquel con 3 palabras?

Soy una persona ambiciosa, determinada y alegre.


  • ¿Cual y cómo es la ciudad donde naciste?

Nací en Puerto Príncipe, el 21 de agosto del 1991. Es una ciudad que tiene una ubicación ideal entre el mar y las montañas y ofrece diferentes climas y panoramas.


  • ¿Qué parte de tu ciudad sería la más atractiva para los turistas? ¿Por qué?

Lo más atractivo de mi ciudad para los turistas seria el museo nacional Mupanah donde pueden aprender algo sobre nuestra historia y  los grandes héroes de la revolución haitiana que crearon la primera nación negra libre.



  • ¿Has vivido ahí toda tu vida?

Nací y crecí en Puerto Príncipe hasta los 18 años. Después del terremoto del 12 de enero del 2010, me tuve que mudar a la isla de Martinica para acabar mi último año de bachiller.  Después de obtener mi diploma, me fui a Madrid para realizar mis estudios superiores en la Universidad complutense donde me gradúe en optometría y donde estoy actualmente acabando mi master.


  • ¿Cuáles son tus hobbies?

Me encanta leer sobre todo las biografías porque pienso que se puede aprender mucho de la gente, cual sea su contribución a la humanidad. Me gusta mucho entrenar, hago crossfit y telas acrobáticas. Estoy apasionada por los viajes ya que es una experiencia maravillosa que me ofrece la oportunidad de interactuar con gente de diferentes culturas y aprender algo de su historia y sus tradiciones.


  • ¿Qué has aprendido de la gente de tu ciudad que te ha servido en los certámenes?

Me ensenaron a ser muy orgullosa de mi país y de nuestra cultura. Me di cuenta que la mujer que soy hoy es debido a que haya nacido y crecido en mi país. Eso nunca lo olvidaré.



  • ¿Cómo fue tu primera experiencia en concursos y qué te motivo a participar?

Mi primer concurso internacional fue en Bolivia cuando  participe en Reina Hispanoamericana en noviembre pasado donde quede tercera finalista. Ser Haití ha sido una experiencia única y gratificante. Me motivo participar ya que quería dar a conocer una buena imagen de mi país y demostrar al mundo que también las mujeres haitianas valen la pena.


  • ¿Qué has tenido que sacrificar para tener una figura ideal?

Desde mi coronación en agosto 2016, hasta ahora, perdí 18 libras. Lo logre comiendo sano, bebiendo mucha agua y haciendo ejercicios físicos.


  • ¿Qué sueles comer en el desayuno?

Mi desayuno de todos los días es un bol de yogurt griego, bajo en calorías, con frutas y frutos secos



  • ¿Cómo cuidar una linda figura de la forma más simple?

Para cuidar su figura, pienso que es indispensable aumentar el consumo de proteínas y reducir el consumo de azúcar refinado,, de los refrescos y frituras.


  •  ¿Cómo te has preparado para representar a Haití en Miss Universo?

He tenido una preparacion de pasarela, entrevista y  maquillaje con profesionales en Miami con Pageant Role Models y en Colombia.


  •  ¿En qué fecha vuelas para la sede de esta competencia?

El 11 de enero vuelo para Manila. Estoy ansiosa de representar a mi país, de conocer Filipinas y a las demás concursantes.


  • ¿Qué diseñador o marca proveerá tu vestido de noche?

Tengo varias opciones para la noche final con varios diseñadores pero me gustan todas ya que ponen en valor mi silueta y reflejan mucha elegancia y clase.


  • ¿Y tu traje típico?  ¿Còmo es?  ¿y el tema?

Antaño, se usaba el título de Perla de las Antillas para referirse a mi país ya que era un país hermoso con muchas riquezas. Mi traje típico, que ha sido diseñado por Cesar de Castro, refleja la belleza de esta Perla de las Antillas.


  • ¿Qué es lo mas difícil de ser miss y modelo?

Lo más difícil de ser miss es ser siempre estar positiva y fuerte, ya que el certamen es una prueba de resistencia. La que gana la corona será bella pero sobre todo será la más fuerte.


  • ¿Qué mensaje das a las jóvenes que quisieran seguir tu camino y a tus seguidores en The Perfect Miss?

Como dice Oscar Wilde ‘Definirse es limitarse’. No intenten limitarse con barreras invisibles. No tengan miedo de lanzarse y explorar sus habilidades y ya verán como lograrán cosas increíbles.




Interview with Alena Spodynyuk “Miss Ukraine Universe 2016”

We are honoured to interview to Miss Ukraine Universe 2016 Alena Spodynyuk, which represent her country in the 65h edition of the Miss Universe beauty pageant. She was an Olympic handball player. Now she is 19 year old, studies and Tourism and Hospitality at the  National University of Culture and Arts in Kiev.

Alena thanks for accpting our interview, and for letting our readers to know more about you, we would like to ask you the following questions.


  •  How to become a beauty Queen?

To be born a woman – it is the duty to be beautiful. Learn how to train your confidence, love , accept yourself and your body! And then the people surrounding you will notice your magnetism and beauty.


  • How important is for you the word “beauty”?

Beauty according to my understanding it is something pleasant and good, something that you can watch for hours and admire it. It can be a beautiful girl or painting, the landscapes, the sunset reflected in the sea.. or a kind act of the person.


  •  Tell me about your traditional gift, Why did you choose it?

My Ukrainian national gift consist on handmade beads joined together by old technology in several rows. The authors are the design studio SVITLO, which creates exlusive things in ethnic style.
The Beads are created from naturnal materials: aquamarine stone, hyaline quartz and nacre.

This kind of necklace was worn by women in Ukraine in the early 20th century and they were not only an exquisite decoration but also a protection from evil forces.

I chose these beads because I wanted it to be something beautiful, some piece of jewelry with ethnic roots. I saw these beads on the First Lady of Ukraine Marina Poroshenko and I really liked them. We thought it would be interesting to do the same for a charity auction of gifts at the Miss Universe.



  • What are your Hobbies?

I have two large dogs (Dalmatian and Doberman). In my spare time I play with them, walk, train them myself. I love to draw, go to the gym. I study English and French, I try to improve them.



  • What is your motto in life?

” Do you want to change the world, start with yourself ”



  • What was the happiest moment in life?

Of course, the first thing I remember talking about the happiest moment of my life is the title of “Miss Ukraine Universe 2016”, I always wanted to go to the “Miss Universe” beauty contest.



  • What was your earliest childhood memory?

In my first childhood memory I’m not alone, next to me is my mother. We go together to the school year opening ceremony, in this day I became a schoolgirl. I had such a long big bouquet that I still remember how my hands were tired to carry it (Alena laughed) ..

  • If you had the opportunity to make a film, what would it be?

If I had that chance, my film would be about the diaries of a cat or philosopher dog (Alena laughs). He would be the only one has the opportunity to observe all members of the family, whenever he wants. He would be psychologist of the views, thoughts on life in the owner’s family circle. I think he would have an opinion about every member of the family and any event. With a big interest I would listen to his thoughts.


  • What are the benefits to be famous?

A lot of them.. I must admit, it feels good to be the covers of magazines, in newspapers, on television. Most importantly, to be able to your. properly dispose of , not just to sit at home. Having popularity, it is easy to engage in charity and social projects. to realize itself in different spheres, and even to be the role models, and to advertise different brands.



  • What are you allergic to ?

I have no allergies, can’t stand tobacco smoke.


  • What do you like to spend money?

I think it would be not very honest, if don’t answer to myself that every girls loves this. Even spending is part of my hobbies too.

For a long time I have ollected antique coins and beads from Crimea, in my collection there were a lot of rare and unusual exhibits.

Also I love to give gifts to their friends and parents.


  • Favorite place on the planet?

There are on our planet a lot of beautiful places, I love sea, so sitting somewhere on white sands and clear blue water would be very great.


  • Who do you trust the most?

Rather to what, I think I have a very well developed sense of intuition. Very often I rely on this inner feeling, if I feel that it is not necessary something to do, then I won’t do it.


  • Who is your hero?

For me, ordinary women are heroes. For centuries they have children, they do household chores, take care of their husbands, at the same time they have time to be beautiful and fill the world with Love!


  • Your favorite Miss Universe?

All Miss are special and worthy of this high title. I like Pia a lot, because she is cheerful and very popular. I always dreamed to meet her.  And I like Olivia Culpo and Gabriela Isler.


Thank you very much to Alena Spodynyuk Miss Ukraine Universe 2016 for giving us this exclusive interview, and to her national director Anna Filimonova for making this possible.



Read here about her National Costume

Alena Spodynyuk “Miss Ukraine Universe 2016” presents National Costume


Darina Kulsitova – Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2016

Manila, Filipinas .- Se dio a conocer quien será la última concursante confirmada al Miss Universo, y ella es una hermosa estudiante de finanzas, Darina Kulsitova que cuenta con 19 años en este momento.  Ella ha ganado concursos teen en su natal país y representó a su ciudad Semey en Miss Kazakhstan 2014, la cual es conocida mayormente por su antiguo nombre Semipalatinsk.

Su traje típico fue diseñado por Aida Kaumenova; sus traje de noche por Nail Baikuchukov; y su sesion fotográfica por Danil Oleynik.


Ella nos comenta que representar Kazajstán es un enorme honor, el representar a su país, su cultura, tradiciones en un evento tan prestigioso como lo es el Miss Universo.