Andjelka Tomasevic

Miss Universe Serbia 2014.

Andjelka Tomasevic, this gorgeous 22-year old will represent Serbia in the 63rd Miss Universe pageant, to be held on January 25, 2015 at the U.S. Century Bank Arena at Florida International University in Doral, Miami, and before flying to our continent for the competition, she granted us this interview.

"I used to behave and look like a boy"

- Mention 3 words that describe you:

First of all, I’d like to say Hi to everyone and to apologize for waiting on my answers so long. It's hard to talk about myself, I prefer others to do that. But if I have to choose, I believe these three words: honest, funny and responsible person.


- Since childhood we all dreamed of having a career. Was Andjelka dreaming of being a model? or were you thinking of any other career?

When I was a little girl, or better say a little boy, because I was very energetic as boys are, I was dreaming to become a soldier and to drive Formula. Today I am wondering how i have grown from that boy to be Miss Serbia. Haha!


- We know that your sister Milica was a miss in 2011. What motivated both of you to participate in such kind of competitions?

My biggest motivation were support from my grandmother and my sister. With grandma I started to follow Miss contest and ice skating. Despite the fact I used to behave and look like a boy, she was always telling me that I was born to be on the scene and to be the prettiest in the whole world! I laughed at that comments. If I win the crown of Miss Universe, it will be dedicated to her.


- Sometimes parents don't like to see their daughters in swimsuit on stage in front of men. Having 2 beauty queens at home. What is your parents' opinion on this?

Thanks God for giving me such a great family! They are not only my biggest support for this competition, but in whole my life. They see all this as a part of job. Special thanks goes to my mum! She gave her best to taught my sister and me the most important values in life and zo provide us good education.


- While you were in the Philippines, what did you like the most?

Absolutely everything! I'm still under huge impression of this country. I think that Philippines are among best people in the world. I would like to use this opportunity to thank them for great hospitality and everything they have done so I could feel like I am at home! I promise to come back again and enjoy the magic of Philippines.


- Were you getting along well with Miss Earth 2013, Alyz Henrich? How was it?

Alyz is an amazing person. We really developed great and honest. She deserved to win the title.


-  You have participated in several charity projects: support to the victims of the floods, blood donation. What do you feel about taking part in this humanitarian campaigns?

Being Miss means not only wearing a crown and gala dress, but also Miss needs to be good example and a role model to younger girls. Miss symbolize good education, noble attitude, values such are generosity, munificence, unselfishness. I am a big supporter to all humanitarian actions. I am always taking part in actions because I truly believe that biggest happiness in the world we can experience is making someone less fortunate smile. This is my appeal to all people to do the same, because our little gestures means a lot to one who needs help.


- All fans wanted to see you in Miss Universe and now became reality. In the day that you were appointed as Miss Universe Serbia 2014, what did you do? How are you preparing to Miss Universe?

My preparations started at the moment I was chosen to represent Serbia on the most prestigious beauty competition – Miss Universe. I workout regularly to stay in a good shape. My preparations for the contest include photoshootings, improving English skills, preparing my presentation for jury interview, I work hard to prepare my talent. I am also learning about contest history and about Serbian history. I am giving maximum to prepare myself the best I can and to present my country in a dignified way.


- Have you seen the other Miss Universe candidates? Is there any that you would consider as your main rival?

This might sounds a bit strange, but I believe we are not a competition to each other. God gave to each of us unique talent and we are all made for something special. We have different caracters and opinions. I am sure that the real adventure begins after this competition.


- In the future, will you continue in the modeling business? or which projects do you have in mind?

The most important is that future career will make me happy and satisfied. I see myself in a public, first in a modeling, later as a TV host with my own show, but as you know, life can be pretty unpredictable. We cannot plan everything, but I hope I will choose the right way.


- What's your favorite clothing brand, favorite color, and your favorite music genre?

I cannot say for myself that I am slave of brands and labels. Depends on collections and offers. For example this summer I liked D&G collection. I am fan of Yamamay swimsuits and underwear. When you ask about colors, my favorites are brown, red and white. Type of music I listen, depends of my current mood.


- A childhood experience that you would never forget:

I will never forget a day when my sister and I took a shower and when she accidentally, let hot water and burned my skin. Thank God it had no bigger consequences.


- What do you do during your free time?

Since I am very energetic person, I always find something to do. I enjoy listening music, jogging, reading interesting books.


- Which Miss Universe winner is your favorite?

They are all very special and I cannot choose only one. Every winner was unique and deserved to win the Crown.


- Favorite Miss Serbia:

Sanja Papic was my favorite Miss Serbia. She is also our most successful Miss since she got into top 3 on Miss Universe. She is great person and always helps me with valuable advices.


- How do you keep your body in shape?

As I mentioned earlier, I am very active person – I am jogging, riding a bike, roller-skates. I am drinking lots of water and lemonade. I believe genetics also has big role. The best recipe is to be active during whole day and be satisfied with yourself.


- Have you got any plastic surgery in the past?

I did not have any interventions. I have nothing against it, but still no need to do anything.


- A message to all your fans worldwide and to the ones following you in Serbia:

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank to all my fans for their support, and love! They are the best on the world! I am very happy when I see how many fans I have. They rank me into Top 5 favorites and I promise will give my best not to let them down!