Katarzyna Oracka

Miss Poland International 2014.

The 53rd edition of Miss International will take place on December 17, 2013 in Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hall, Tokyo, Japan. This will be the second consecutive year that Japan will be hosting this event, in which Katarzyna Oracka will be representing Poland, and before flying to the Far East, she granted us this interesting interview. Let's now more about her!

"I admire Japanese people for their modesty which is a great virtue."


- Who is Katarzyna Oracka?

I’m 25 years old, my height is 176 cm, and I come from Otwock/near Warsaw, Poland. I study law at the University of Warsaw. I’m the fifth (the last!) year student at the moment and I have to write my M.A.thesis. I have so many interests and hobbies that I will mention only a few of them not to make the Readers tired. My passions are: Music, Literature, Film and Sport.I spend my time actively practicing different sports depending on the season. I like swimming and windsurfing in summer but in winter I prefer skiing and ice skating. I also love dancing especially Latino. I can say I suffer from the permanent lack of time and I try to make the most of it being around my Family and friends but sometimes I like to disappear in the silence of my room and get lost reading a book or just contemplating. I get a lot of fun experimenting in the kitchen. My zodiac sign is Taurus and like a typical Taurus I'm sensitive and modest but independent, self-confident and stubborn at the same time. It helps to achieve goals.

I'm very positive and cheerful in everyday's life. I try to see only the positive side in everything I do and I concentrate on the most important things. I'm not an incurable optimist rather a realist with a gentle nature who keeps both feet on the ground.

I'm a very curious person and I like to travel and meet people whenever I can. My dream is to travel around the world and visit as many places as possible. I would love to know different cultures, see other landscapes and meet new people. My goal is to be a good person. Sharing and giving, gives me more pleasure than taking. I know I can count on my family and friends every time I need their help. “Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly”.


- Have you been always attracted to the world of fashion and pageantry? and how did it happen?

It’s normal that girls are interested in fashion and pageantry. For me the most important thing was and still is my education. We should understand that beauty passes but the knowledge stays. Sometimes people have to choose, but I'm very lucky I can do both at the same time. It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m about to finish my studies and I can do something only for myself. It’s very exciting.


- How has been your experience in Miss Polonia pageant?

It was kind of accidence. My friend told me about a "Casting Open" in Warsaw…And she said, that she didn’t believe that I could do it…I wanted to prove her that she was wrong… I ended up in the top 5 at the Finals of Miss Polonia Pageant and now I will fly to Tokio and take part in Miss International 2013 – I’m so happy!


- And after the contest, are you still in touch with some of the contestants?

I've met a lot of girls, very nice and friendly and I’m still in touch with them. They support me, I support them. Maybe next year we will spend more time together during the summer holidays.


- With which ones in special you established a stronger friendship?

I like very much some of them and it’s hard to say now who is my best friend... The time will show.


- How much did you change after Miss Polonia? and which life lessons did you get?

I hope that my personality didn't change. Maybe I am more self-confident and I exactly know what I want. But I am the same person as before Miss Polonia – I'm always happy to help other people and I know that the most important things in life are no money and no fame but my Family and Friends.


- What was your reaction when you received the message: "Katarzyna, you will represent Poland in Miss International"? and explain to us how it was.

It was something unbelievable! I couldn’t believe. My dream came true. I got a chance to represent my country in the Miss International and I will fly to Japan. I have to prepare myself for a hard work and of course I will do my best to perform and present myself and my Country from the good side. I’m very happy and it’s a great pleasure to visit such a beautiful country as Japan.


- Miss International 2013 will be held in Tokyo, Japan, so what's your impression of this city and country?

I’m interested in the Earth, nature, architecture and people from variuos countries. I'm impressed not only by the differences but also by the similarities we all share no matter where we were born and live. I read a lot about Japan, it's history, People and the culture. I’m fascinated and I can’t wait for my trip to Asia. I’m sure that it will be an unforgettable experience and the adventure of my life, kind of "do or die". I'm very positive about this trip and I look forward to the 7th of December – the first day of Miss International grouping.


- Japan with its culture, traditions and way of life has influenced the world and how has influenced you?

Many people from Asia, some of them from Japan live in Poland. Their way of being, culture, traditions and lifestyle is strongly influencing Polish people. People from Asia are diligent, modest, sensitive, helpful and warm- hearted. Poles are very much the same. I can point many similarities. But of course there also are many differences in tradition, religion and of course cuisine :-) Not to mention the traditional sports like karate and sumo that came to Europe long time ago and nowadays are still very popular. Origami, ikebana, kabuki are also well known. I love reading books about Japanese society and lifestyle and I read some about Geisha.


- What should we learn from Japan?

It’s a very difficult question. A lot! I admire Japanese people for their modesty which is a great virtue. They seem also very patient. We would not make any progress without determination but also without patience. For many people all over the World Japan is the country of a great respect for the classical music and especially for Chopin. And it's not just by accident that pianists from Japan win many prizes in the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, one of the biggest international pianist competitions.


- What would you do to promote Japan as a main tourist place in Poland?

In Japan every tourist can find something interesting from wildlife to the latest news in technology.

Japan is such a beautiful country with a great nature, landscapes, mountain tops covered with snow, volcanos, lakes, islands and many beaches that as you've heard are the favourite destination for those who like fishing, activity that is very popular in Japan.

At the same time it is a country of amazing technology, state-of-the-art buildings, skyscrapers and big ports.

Only the values that Japanese People cultivate should be enough to justify visiting Japan. That's all I know before even going there. I guess I will be more fascinated after visiting Japan.

On the other hand, I think, that tourists from Japan should visit the capital city of Poland, Warsaw. There are many attractive places there. The city has been completely rebuilt after the II World War practically from scratch. Warsaw's vibrant business downtown takes pride in many skyscrapers and ambitious plans to build more. The catchy skyline is still dominated by the enormous Palace of Culture and Science – a Stalin's donation. Warsaw is a big city with the East European flavour. We can’t miss the beautiful Old Town, the Royal Route, the Chopin museum, several magnificent palaces and the former Jewish ghetto.

In the second place I would propose Cracow and Czestochowa. In Cracow you can visit mediaeval cathedrals, the Renaissance castle, Baroque churches, the Art Nouveau theatre and many many other monuments. However it is old and beautiful, Cracow is not only about monuments and museums but also a city full of life and entertainment.

Czestochowa is usually associated with Jasna Gora Monastery which is the biggest Marian sanctuary in the country. For the majority of Poles it is an important pilgrimage destination and a main cult place of the Virgin Mary. The icon known as Black Madonna of Czestochowa crowned in 1656 as the Queen and Protector of Poland is credited with many miracles.

I would also tell Japanese about our beautiful mountains Bieszczady and Tatra.

I love the nature so I would like to show the beauty of Poland - Masuria. A picturesque region of more than a thousand lakes. Masuria is a holiday destination number one for sailors, fishermen, hikers, cyclists and those who simply seek tranquillity.

Apart from water sports and the simple wandering around absorbing the atmosphere, you may explore a multitude of historical places. Covered with thick forests and a great number of lakes linked by rivers and canals, Masuria attracts a large number of water sports enthusiasts. There are Teutonic castles, beautiful churches and palaces as well as Hitler's wartime headquarters.


This is a short description of Poland – a country full of nature, amazing places, hospitable people. I hope I've convinced you to visit my Country.

Thank you for your attention, I wish you all to have a nice day and please wish me luck.