Congratulations to Elena Kviatkevich for winning the new brand pageant “Мисс Звезда России” known by its name in English as “Miss Star of Russia” that was held tonight in Saint Petersburg.

She is a talented 20 year-old model that is fluent in English, as well as she knows French and Korean.  Elena finished acting school, and is actually student of the Institute of Culture and Arts.

Elena got the right to represent the Russian Federation in the Miss International beauty pageant to be held in Tokyo, Japan on November 14th.

Let’s remind that Elizaveta Bondarenko was previously crowned during the show, but one day after the pageant, she decided to quit due to her responsibilities as a ballerina from the Marinskiy Theater, family and health problems, so during an online conference held by the organizing committee, Elizaveta crowned Elena Kviatkevich as the new “Miss Star of Russia 2017”.

Ekatetina Sharova, organizer of the event. mentioned of the importance to differ that a miss is not a model, but a cultural ambassador in first place.

Mr. Pedro Francisco is happy with the election and confident that Russia could get a high position in Miss International 2017.

Photos by Nikolas Verano